Minimalism is something that I’ve been interested in for a while. I used to hate going through and giving away my old clothes (especially since some of them will end up in a landfill even if I take them to the thrift store), and recently I kind of decided I wanted to keep my clothes for good in case I want to wear something again in the future and so my future kids can go through them… is that weird?

Even so, I’ve also been one to wear the same 10 pieces over and over until they fell apart… and even then if I loved the piece enough I’d just get it repaired. With my want to minimize my… participation in fast fashion, I think that shopping less often comes with it, even if it’s with sustainable brands.

My dad has always been sort of a minimalist. Growing up, he never absolutely needed things except the bare minimum. He also had encouraged me to be the same. Of course, I still wanted things and developed a bit of a shopping problem… kind of ironic, but that’s okay.

The last few years I feel like my mindset has been leaning more towards my father’s. Anything above the bare minimum is just, “nice to have.” As long as my day to day life is able to persist without any detrimental stress towards food, shelter, water, and my general health… all is well. As long as I am not cold during the winter and overheating in the summer, all is well.

While my life isn’t “minimal” per se, the minimalist mindset really allows you to appreciate what you have, and focus on things that are not material. I kind of want to just get rid of everything in my space that I don’t actually need. Besides my extra clothes… at least for now. I’ve become attached to items that do nothing for me, and it’s time I clear my space.

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